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Thanet Speakers Club Report – 27th September 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Ron Sheldrake presided over the meeting on Thursday 27th September.  After the customary introduction and warm-up, he  drew attention to the importance of the imminent publicity campaign to attract visitors who might be converted to join our membership.  The club is affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs which exists to improve the art of speaking in public and to promote, encourage and develop proficiency in the spoken word.

This week an assignment from the Advanced Manual was delivered by Margaret Jones, demonstrating the use of visual aids in accompaniment to her entertaining speech in which she expressed the need to dress for protection from the extreme cold in Antarctica, on a recent trip to see the Aurora Borealis.  A comprehensive visual performance aided by snug-fitting woolen garments gave the audience a realistic demonstration of the absolute necessity of protection against sub-zero temperatures.  In keeping with the subject of warmth, Andrew Thomson gave a speech outlining his argument, both for and against, the threat of global-warming.  Each speech received an evaluation by Doug Weale and Ben Harris, respectively drawing attention to the vital factors which are outlined in the ASC Manual and offering what in their opinion points which might have improved the delivery.  Such evaluation is the essence of our learning.

Impromptu speaking followed, chaired by John Poole.  All present were invited to respond to topics; speaking without  preparation; a challenging, enjoyable  and vital quality of speaking.  The topics session, having been  evaluated by Frances Pointer concluded with a presentation to Trevor Kenning, who, by popular vote was awarded the trophy for best response.  Trevor then proceeded with his assignment to  give his appraisal of the evening as a whole, a successful meeting in keeping with the aims and ideals of the Association.

For details of visiting and membership, please contact Doug Weale   01843  592221: or website

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 13th September 2012 (by Doug Weale)

The first meeting of a new season was held on Thursday 13th September and was chaired by our President, Bernie Morgan.

Following a warm-up, involving a few words of  introduction  by all present, the first speech on the agenda  was an impromptu delivery by Doug Weale-the  F1 of the  Advanced Manual, whereby a choice from three subjects is offered without prior notice, on which, with ten minutes preparation, to compose a speech meeting the required standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong; one of the challenges faced by each member during progress in the course set by the ASC .

There followed, the main item on the agenda; a rehearsal presentation by the club President in preparation for the next round of the prestigious U.K.Business Speaker of the Year before a distinguished panel of judges to select five finalists.  Evaluative advice was invited from assembled fellow members, of points for improvement in Bernie`s speech expounding the secret for entrepreneurial success in the present economic climate.

The customary impromptu session produced a fine winning speech by Ben Harris,who,having received the Trophy awarded at each meeting,then proceeded with his assignment to give a general evaluation of the meeting; doing so with a remarkable skill, accomplished after a comparatively short membership.

Our meetings will continue on the second and fourth Thursdays ;7.45 for 8pm; for details of visiting and membership please contact Doug  Weale.on 01843 592221 or  or visit

Thanet Speakers Club – First Meeting of the Year Kicks Off On Thursday 13th September 2012

The Club will begin a new season on Thursday September  13th at The Royal Temple Yacht Club, 7.45 for 8pm.  The Association of Speakers Clubs,to which we belong exists to improve the art of speaking in public,and to promote,encourage and develop proficiency in the spoken word.  Under the direction of our Education Director, club members follow a course in which speeches, designed to demonstrate features which are considered vital, are delivered to an audience of fellow members.

Evaluation, the distinguishing attribute of the Association-effective and positive appraisal, which includes advice and suggestions for improvement, by fellow members, who have themselves gained proficiency by the same process, enables and encourages the progress outlined in our guidebook. The agendas are designed so that we each in turn write and deliver a series of speeches, gradually attaining the proficiency recognised in good speaking.

A feature of our meetings,held on the second and fourth Thursday each month, is the welcome afforded to visitors;there is no obligation to join in, simply to listen and observe; giving an opportunity to make a decision whether to join.  Without exception,all existing members,recent or long term, acknowledge the tremendous benefits acquired, and enormous pleasure experienced, by their participation in the club`s programme.

For further details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221or or visit our website

PEER 1 Hosting UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012

At a moment when the economy is contracting, and politicians are failing to offer any inspiration, the UK Speechwriters’ Guild has teamed up with Business Solent and Southampton-based PEER 1 Hosting ( to create a new competition for public speakers. It’s a rare opportunity for business gurus to show how they can inspire an audience to do great things.

Aspiring speakers are invited to compete for the prestigious title of UK Business Speaker of the Year. The top three competitors will share £5,000 in prizes, with career-enhancing PR for the winner.

Bursting with an inspirational message for these troubled times? Whether you are a business leader, politician, author, life coach, academic, Toastmaster or entrepreneur, if you have a gift for public speaking, this is your chance to make your mark.

Up to 24 finalists will be invited to Southampton on Thursday 27 September for auditions. The day will end with a ‘Grand Final’ in The Hub Theatre in Southampton, hosted by Geoff Burch, star of the BBC’s All Over the Shop.

The winner will receive £2,000 and get £1,500 of PR support from a top London agency to boost their career as a professional speaker. Second prize will be £1,000 cash and the third prize £500 cash.

If you fancy you can present as well as Steve Jobs, you need to send in a 60 second video audition together with a written pitch and a short profile by 27 August 2012.

To find out more, and to enter, go to:

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 24th July 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Outgoing President, Kathleen Smith ,chaired the meeting on Thursday 24th, prior to a summer recess: receiving from her successor, Bernie Morgan, congratulations for a successful term of Office.   There followed a speech from Kathleen demonstrating the use of vocabulary and word pictures, as she progresses through the guide book- a manual of helpful qualities needed for development of skill in public peaking.  Sally Dyos, at an early stage in her career with the club, in the only the second assignment,being required to exhibit a sense of purpose in her speech, did so with established flair, detailing the attributes needed for raising funds for worthy charities: the audience was visibly moved by her speech. Both speakers were adjudged to have passed their assignment by Doug Weale and Margaret Jones, respectively, by evaluation-the essence of the educational programme of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong- offering points of commendation and of helpful advice for further assignments.

Impromptu Speaking followed in the second half, chaired by Andrew Thomson; challenging but rewarding and enjoyable; “Topics”to which members are invited to respond for two minutes without preparation.  Sally Dyos, by popular vote giving the most imaginative and knowledgeable speech,was presented with the Trophy, given at each meeting.

Our programme recommences on September 13th after the usual summer break.  For details of  visiting or membership please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit our website

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 12th July 2012 (by Doug Weale)

The meeting on July 12th, chaired by Doug Weale featured a speech by John Poole demonstrating the use of humour.  He chose the infallible subject of personal experience to recall everyday life in which episodes caused laughter and happy memories of his past.  Trevor Kenning  awarded a pass mark, complimenting the speaker on his style and delivery, drawing attention to points for improvement in further assignments.

Variety is a feature in our agendas, but always with the objective in mind to practise and improve the art of speaking in public debating is both good practise and popular in this pursuit.  The subject in debate on Thursday, was Ghosts and evoked a remarkable number of personal recollections, told in a series of short, vivid speeches  Tthe result was an overall majority vote in agreement with the belief in the existence of supernatural beings.

Topics-impromptu speaking-followed with Ron Sheldrake in the chair challenging  members present to speak for two minutes without preparation on random subjects. The Trophy for the best response-as judged by popular vote-was awarded to Trevor Kenning.

President Bernie Morgan reviewed the the evening as a whole, as in keeping with the standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.

For details of visiting and membership, please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or  or our website

Hopper Cup Team Speaking Competition Report – 28th June 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Every vital quality of speaking in public, was displayed as Thanet S.C. hosted the annual Hopper Cup team speaking competition on Thursday June 28th.  West Kent S.C.was adjudged the winning presentation of the theme ‘Fly The Flag’, with a captivating history of flags flown at historical occasions from the Skull & Crossbones on the high seas, to the recent Silver Jubilee celebration on the river Thames; embracing, among the individual speeches, the notorious “White Flag Incident” in the Falklands war.  Whilst both Chaucer & Thanet clubs each gave of their very best, the chief judge John Reid was heartily applauded by all present, as he gave the unanimous decision of the panel of judges and presented the Hopper Cup to the team,which happily included Fay Andrews,who instigated the competition 12 years ago.

Our club will resume the usual format at the next meeting, July 12th  to which, as to all meetings, visitors are welcome.  Our objective is to practise and improve the art of speaking in public: we do so by a series of speeches written and-after rehearsal in their own home-delivered to fellow members at club meetings; evaluated with helpful suggestions for continued improvement.  For full details of visiting and membership please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 14th June 2012 (by Doug Weale)

The  agenda on Thursday 14th June was chaired by Kathleen Smith.  The session began by the official investiture of our new President Bernie Morgan, who as it happened, had been assigned to deliver a speech to demonstrate rapport in public speaking and proceeded to do so in a style exemplary of her own embracing an extensive general  knowledge which engaged and entertained the audience.  In the manner required,Bernie earned a well-deserved passmark by evaluator, Margaret Jones

John Poole, with admirable determination, earned a pass-mark, from Ron Sheldrake for his third attempt at demonstrating the use of notes.

There followed a rehearsal for the all important Hopper Cup; a team speaking competition between the Kent clubs  to be hosted at our next meeting June 28th; at our customary venue,the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings, and this will be no exception; 7.45.for 8pm.  We expect keen friendly rivalry in this annual entertaining event, a display of skilled public speaking is assured.

The agenda on Thursday concluded with the impromptu speech session; chaired by Trevor Kenning who, with his amiable persona, conducted an congenial invitation to all present, to speak without previous preparation, on a topical subject :challenging, but within the capability of club members,proving to be enjoyable ,and rewarding.  For the best response by popular vote, a presentation of the Topics Trophy on this occasion, to Sally Dyos for a humorous story, in the finest tradition of this vital art in the speaker`s armoury.

For details of visiting and further meetings,please contact Doug Weale 01583 592221 or or  visit our website:


Thanet Speakers Club Annual Dinner Report (by Doug Weale)

Presiding at the clubs annual dinner, the outgoing president, Kathleen Smith, welcomed guests who included members of Chaucer S.C.  and  fellow Thanet S.C. members, together with their relatives and friends.

Following a particularly fine meal at Northdown House, Cliftonvillle, the traditional Toast to The Club was given by Ley Liberman, a sea-faring adventuress, who incorporated into her speech an entertaining account of shipwreck-together with  her husband-the two alone sharing and surviving the experience.

Club President responded in an imaginative speech in her own charismatic style.  With the inimitable stentorian tone of a former soldier Ron Sheldrake proposed the traditional Toast to The Guests, who included the President of Chaucer S.C., William Warren whose generous hospitality our club had a week earlier enjoyed and who now gave an entertaining response on behalf of all guests.

The event had ,as always, provided everyone attending the opportunity to witness,what many consider to be the ultimate enjoyment of the art practised at the club; after-dinner speaking.   Among those present,were incoming Thanet S.C. President Bernie Morgan, who together with her committee will endeavour to maintain the standards upheld throughout  the club`s history of affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs,promoting the practise of efficiency in speaking in public .

Our next meeting, as usual, is at the Royal Temple Yacht  Club, will be on June 14th: a full agenda is planned, with prepared speeches ,by members, followed by the customary impromptu speaking session.Visitors are always welcome; we meet on the second and fourth Thursday monthly  at 7.45 for 8pm : please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221; or

Visit our website:

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 10th May 2012 (by Doug Weale)

President Kathleen Smith chaired the meeting on May 10th and in the absence of one of the customary  two members, assigned to deliver a pre-arranged speech, brought to bear her initiative and experience in chairmanship, to fill the gap by an impromptu debate: challenging the members and a welcome visitor, to contribute to a profound subject; the survival-or  otherwise of the human race.  This inovative item on the agenda, deviating from the routine, offerred to all present, an opportunity to engage in public speaking as practised on a regular  basis by the club at our fortnightly meetings.

John Poole was present to give his prearranged speech demonstrating the use of notes; one of many qualities required in progress through the Manual, published by the Association of Speakers Clubs.  He gave a speech in his accustomed style; as an entertaining and original raconteur. Doug Weale evaluated the speech, drawing attention to aspects accomplished, learnt at  club meetings, by listening to other members  and their evaluation.  On this occasion it was considered that improvement could be made and a further opportunity was eagerly accepted.

The usual impromptu speaking session followed, chaired by Andrew Thomson, offering “topics” to which all present were invited  to respond without any preparation, a challenging but most rewarding and certainly entertaining regular feature of the club agenda.  Evaluation as for all speaking was given; on this occasion by Trevor Kenning; the essence of our learning curve; his appraisal,constructive and of immense educative value to each speaker. John Poole, by popular vote, was presented the  Topics Trophy for best response.

Ron Sheldrake rounded off the meeting with an overall evaluation.

For details of membership and visiting,please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit