Thanet Speakers Club Report, April 8th 2010

The diversity within Thanet Speakers Club which is practised at our meetings continues to be entertaining and rewarding for club members.  On offer in the meeting held on the April 8th 2010, under the skillful chairmanship of Trevor Kenning, was a wide range of entertaining eloquent qualities.

An unforeseen opportunity, seized upon by the chairman, allowed time for recollections by members to recall rare anecdotes: the raconteurs, including the chairman, excelled—-some at great length !  Chairmanship skill is an integral part of a good meeting and Trevor Kenning ran the programme with the utmost efficiency .The main attraction was an assignment from the advanced manual by Ian Lockyer.  His task was to present using PowerPoint which in this era of technology has become a vital aquisition to the speaker.  Doug Weale in his evaluation commended the comprehensive and easily understood demonstration given and gave in a resounding pass.

Impromptu speaking was to the fore, as in every meeting. Ben Harris, in his inaugural role in chairing the impromptu ‘topics session’ rand the session, with commendable enthusiasm.  The topics trophy for the best response to quotations proffered, was awarded to Bernie Morgan, who, with her customary style, had earlier delivered a stand-up comedy routine; to be presented in her professional capacity to a discerning London audience.   She then completed a notable contribution to the evening, with an appreciative general evaluation.

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