Thanet Speakers Club Report, April 25th 2010

An exciting  item  on our progamme each year is the Hopper Cup Contest.  The competition involvves a  team of four, chosen to speak on a given theme, in competition with other Kent clubs, and judged for the qualities considered vital in the art of speaking in public.
Club members at the meeting on April 25th vied for a place on the team, by expounding their own interpretation of the subject: ” A Moment In Time”: which proved  to be both a challenge to competitors and entertaining for all present. Team places were awarded to: June Edwards, Trevor Kenning, Kathleen Smith and Ben Harris: all of whom presented the theme with an erudite and profundity of meaning.  The team, which will represent Thanet Speakers Club in the competition on 23rd.June 2010 in Gillingham comprises a balance of established members, and newcomers.
The second half of the meeting proceeded with the customary impromptu speaking session, “Topics”, chaired, for her first time by Frances Pointer.  The session offered a theme in keeping with tradition, of being within the capability of all-including a diversity of visitors; Daniel Decotterd from Grenoble,former French teacher at  Chatham House Grammar Shool , and, by coincidence, two current scolars , Marco Geraghy and  Rohan Banerjee; the latter awarded  “The Best  Topics Respose”.  Evaluations by Andrew Thomson and June Edwards,in succession, both praised the chairmanship  of the “Topics”by Frances,and indeed the whole meeting adjudged as in keeping with the standard  aspired to.
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