Thanet Speakers Club Report – 8th September 2011 (by Doug Weale)

The first meeting following a summer break, was chaired by club President, Kathleen Smith.

John Poole, a relative newcomer, delivered his third speech, designated by the Education Director, Frances Pointer to demonstrate the effective construction of chosen subject matter. With guidance of suggestions for improvement in evaluation by Ron Sheldrake a Pass mark was awarded. 

There followed a discussion of the plans which are to be proposed, which will motivate, both existing members, and prospective new members in the pursuit of the aims of the club.

The second half of the meeting, as always, was devoted to a vital quality of the speakers` armoury-impromptu speaking: all present were offered subjects on which to deliver an impromptu speech: the “topic” was not known beforehand, and drew imaginative and entertaining responses.  Evaluation, our constant source of learning, was given by Ben Harris; the trophy for best response, by popular vote, was awarded to Sally Hills, a welcome visitor, who had readily accepted the invitation to join in.

General evaluation of the evening as a whole from Doug Weale, paid tribute to the enthusiasm of the newly elected committee, whose proposals-already referred to, augur well for the club’s continued success.

 Visitors are welcome to all our meetings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly.

 For further details contact Doug Weale 01843 592221; or the website