Thanet Speakers Club Report – 27th October 2011 (by Doug Weale)

With exemplary chairmanship by Trevor Kenning, the meeting on October 27th, attended by club members and several visitors, demonstrated the art of speaking as practised  following the standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong.  The format of the agenda was customary;  a traditional warm-up, all present being invited by the chairman, to speak briefly on a subject of his choice; topical and effectively ensuring his objective-to induce an atmosphere  of welcome and readiness to further participation and ensuring the enjoyment of all present : chairmanship is but one of many skills related to the art of speaking in public which is learned at the club.   

Speeches in succession by two members, followed by Ben Harris and John Poole, of widely differing subject matter, each written and delivered, to meet the  criteria of the respective assignment; vocabulary and word pictures, followed by the use of gestures.  Evaluation, the essence of our learning in the absence of professional tuition-given by Ron Sheldrake and Kathleen Smith  on this occasion ,adding to a consensus of opinion of other club members, on progression  through the Manual as successive assignments are undertaken.

Impromptu speaking completed the agenda.  The Topics offered to all in attendance were  carefully chosen to be challenging but well within the ability  and proving -as always-an entertaining  exercise in this vital factor of speaking.  Andrew Thomson conducted  this session and was complimented in the General overall evaluation by Ian Lockyer for his able endeavours, also drawing particular reference to Trevor Kenning, who was awarded by popular vote, the Topics Trophy,h aving given the best response; and who,together with his Chairmanship offered a fine example of all that is in evidence at our meetings,which he himself will testify gained from a long-standing membership.

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly.

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