Thanet Speakers Club Report – 25th October 2012 (by Doug Weale)

A hugely successful joint meeting of all three clubs in Kent,chaired by Trevor Kenning,was held at The Royal Temple Yacht Club on Thursday October 25th.  Prepared speeches were given in keeping with the standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs, firstly by our own Ben Harris  demonstrating the use of notes, with the intriguing title ” If It Isn’t Broke Don`t Fix It “,  followed by “Food Glorious Food “from  a guest from Chaucer S.C. illustrating  words and pictures in speech.

Evaluation of each was given ,in order, by Julie Pratt and Terry Nunn offering both compliments on delivery and recommendations for continued improvement; our source of learning.

The customary impromptu speaking session was chaired by Fred Lamont, offering a challenge to all present in turn to speak without preparation on a subject, which he had selected for each participant.  Impromptu speaking is vital  in the armoury of both social and public speaking, and an essential item on all our agendas: individual evaluation of the responses was given by Kathleen Smith, evaluated in an entertaining manner, yet perceptive of the essence of proper instructive guidance.

William Warren of Chaucer S.C. gave a general appraisal of the evening, complimenting all responsible for the success of the event, which brings the Kent Area clubs together in turn at each club venue in turn.

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