Thanet Speakers Club Report – 13th December 2012

Chaired by Doug Weale,  the meeting on December 13th was  engaged in debate; a vital aspect of speaking which is among the wide range encouraged by the Association of Speakers Clubs to which the club is affiliated.  There was a remarkably forceful response to the motion ”  The Freedom of The Press is Paramount in Our Society”.  Ron Sheldrake seconded by Kathleen Smith, offering a powerful argument for the motion.  Gary Costain, gaining confidence at each meeting, supported by Bernie Morgan,in opposition, then proceeded  with conviction,  in opposition. Each side had provided the basis for an earnest debate from the floor,all members present voicing with personal enthusiasm,their point of view.  The result overturned the vote in favour, taken before commencement.

The customary impromptu speaking session which always occupies the second half of the agenda, was conducted by Margaret Jones; the theme inevitably, festive, proved highly enjoyable, as it invariably does; Frances Pointer being awarded the trophy for best response, given-as required, in two minutes, without prior knowledge to a topical subject.

The overall evaluation of proceedings drew attention to the powerful, expressive speaking,contributing to a most entertaining evening.  The club meets again on January 10th, then on the second and fourth Thursdays,8pm at The Royal Temple Yacht Club;for all details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or  or visit http//