Club Report – Open Eve 14 March by Doug Weale

A hugely successful Open Evening on Thursday 14th March was chaired by Trevor Kenning, who began it with a warm welcome to our visitors.  Having conducted an introduction of members, he proceeded to outline the purpose of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, and whose guidelines in public speaking we follow.

An agenda prepared by Frances Pointer demonstrated the course of the Manual which takes each member through the wide variety of aspects of the art of good speaking.  Ron Sheldrake began with a fine example from the basic programme, followed in like vein by Doug Weale from the Advanced section.  Each demonstrated the finer aspects of speech delivery through personal composition.

Evaluation was given in turn by Andrew Thomson then Frances Pointer.  This proves to be of essence to our learning, being the means we hear from our fellow members.  It points deserving compliments with aspects for improvement.  Together, the four presentations conveyed a clear picture of regular meeting procedure.

Chairmanship for the second half was taken by Ben Harris for our regular impromptu speaking practice.  It was especially pleasing that all our visitors agreed to join in and accept an invitation to speak, without any preparation, as decreed.  Furthermore, they acquitted themselves of this task with distinction.  In her evaluation, Margaret Jones drew attention to the success of the session, particularly with its chairing by our youngest member.

Club President Bernie Morgan concluded with an enthusiastic overall evaluation in which our visitors were invited to revisit and attend the annual club dinner.

For details of visiting please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or see