Don’t Discount Poetry from your Presentational Arsenal

I recently hosted a ‘Poetry & Prose’ meeting at Thanet Speakers Club.  This was a bit of a challenge because I don’t really have the greatest appreciation for poetry…I just haven’t been brought up with it.  Despite my reservations, I found the whole evening interesting, entertaining and worthwhile.  Most importantly I picked up some amazing tips to improve my presentational skills which I share with you now.

Listening to some of our orators, I noticed that they used the pace of their poetry to good effect in their performance…poetry was definitely used for dramatic fashion.  My fellow club members were using more vocal variety to convey their message which certainly grabbed the attention of the audience.

The goal of every speech should be to make a lasting impression.  Maybe by incorporating poetry or the style of poetry in your speech, you could add a new level of importance and dynamism to what you are trying to say.

In this day and age, everyone has been bored to death by the same monotonous PowerPoint Presentations.  However audiences don’t encounter poetry every day, so if you utilize poetry, or a poetic style, you will grab your audience’s attention and creating a lasting impact.

So if you are looking to improve the performance of your presentation and add dramatic impact, don’t discount the art of poetry.

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Ian Lockyer

My thanks to Brian Didmon for the accompanying picture.  Brian is a talented photographer from Herne Bay who has an interesting portfolio of pictures at