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The club meets at 20:00 every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

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Welcome to Thanet Speakers Club Home Page.

Thanet Speakers Club is based in Ramsgate and forms part of a national group called the Association of Speakers Clubs, with over one hundred clubs based all over the country. Each club shares a clear objective: to practice and improve public speaking.

Promoting confidence and quality, Thanet Speakers Club provides a safe environment to practice speaking in public, speech structure and improve the speaker’s ability to entertain.

Thanet Speakers Club is celebrating its 40th year and has nurtured and supported some top class speakers who have gone on to win regional and national trophies.

Meeting on a regular basis, twice a month, between 8pm and 10pm at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate, the club has an informal, friendly approach and always provides an evening of entertainment, educational value and high standards.

Attending the club on your first night, you can simply observe or join in if you want to.

The evening is usually broken up in to two sections, in the first half, there may be an activity or a prepared speech from a club member.

In the second half there is a table topics section which enables members to take part in an impromptu session. Both section are designed to build confidence and practice public speaking skills.

The speeches and table topics section are evaluated and the evening is also summarised and evaluated by the members of the club.

Thanet Speakers Club provides a friendly environment, where other likeminded people are able to provide constructive feedback and suggestive to assist the speaker to improve their style and approach.

As our guest you will be able to attend up to three meetings free of any charge so that you can see what Thanet Speakers Club is all about. We meet twice a month in Ramsgate on Thursday evenings (2nd & 4th of each Month)