‘Learning from each other in a safe and supportive environment increases confidence’

Week by week. In a short period of time, members can be seen to develop a range of speaking techniques that will assist, support and improve every occasion they are asked to speak.

The Thanet Speaker Club encourages its members and guests to practice speaking to an audience and provide suggestions and tips that can help the speaker to get the maximum effect from their speech.

Club members may wish to follow the Association of Speakers Clubs programme of speeches that cover a variety of different aspects of speaking which are suitable for even the most inexperienced speaker to tackle.

Starting with a short speech, members are then encouraged to progress through the different skills and consider the use of the voice, props, passion and other attributes of a polished speaker. Individuals therefore have their own goals to achieve in their own time.

Each speech receives an evaluation from a club member who focuses on the positive aspects of the speech and can identify aspects of the speech and make suggestions for improvement to technique or delivery

Everybody shares the evaluations and the emphasis is on learning from other rather than a formal examination. Roles are swapped around for each meeting giving everyone the opportunity, when they are ready, to practice different roles and receive feedback on how well they did.

Different people bring different ideas to the meeting and speeches vary from historical events, to holiday destinations and hobbies such as ‘keeping chickens’, ‘computer gaming’ and ‘dance routines’

Thanet Speakers is a social, friendly and supportive club.


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