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Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting,chaired by Doug Weale,was held on Thursday 11th May at the Ryl.

Temple Yacht Club: the proceedings, as with every occasion,began with a warm up; all present invited to comment on a matter of interest, affording the opportunity to find their speaking voice.

The focal purpose of the meeting was then addressed by the Club President, Trevor Kenning -the appointment of a new committee.Reports on the progress throughout the past year were read by existing officers; the prevailing picture was one of continued success improving recently by new members in our pursuit of the ideal of the Association of Speakers Clubs to practise and improve the enjoyable art of speaking in public.In order to maintain this steady and happy situation, our President, who also holds the Office of Education Director,agreed to continue in Office. Steve Pamphilon,accepting the Office of President Elect: the one new change was the election of Chris Stark in the important role of Webmaster -publicity in our quest for visitors and potential new members being a constant vital factor.

The meeting continued with the customary impromptu speaking session, under the supervision of Chris Stark:an enjoyable and challenging aspect of every agenda, prompting quick thinking responses from all present.

Evaluation of the session was given by John Beale; a process by which we learn , as fellow members offer opinion on the good points of speech and matters which could be improved upon:as me always does, he adds asides of interest to his speeches and evaluations.

Steve Pamphilon as a finale to the agenda, appraised the evening as a whole with the insight and perception of experience ,declaring a successful and as always an enjoyable meeting.

The Club welcomes visitors to all meetings.