About Public Speaking

Whatever you want to do in life it will involve speaking with people.

Would it not be great to speak confidently, convincingly and persuasively?

In business, in your career, amongst your friends and family. You may want to be able to communicate clearly, speak with confidence and speak without getting ‘tongue tied’ or out of breath.

You may want to be able to express or stress a point of view that is simple or complex, tell a story, provide clear instruction or you may wish to be more effective at helping people.

The Association of Speakers Clubs programme has been developed over a long time. By discovery and development it has been fine tuned into one of the most effective programmes for growing your confidence.

Some of biggest barriers to speaking in public is fear, becoming embarrassed or not knowing what to say.

Our programme is possibly the best in helping to control, master and providing ‘tools’ to breakdown such barriers and enable the person to feel ‘pleased with a job well done’

The two success factors are slow manageable development over time and many small wins. After a year you can look back at a string of small successes. They will add up to an astonishing accomplishment. Continue on for a second year and more – it just keeps getting better and better. Would increasing confidence in your life help?

We would like to welcome you to our club. Visit and observe before deciding. – there will be no pressure to join or to speak.

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month, at the Racing Greyound, 227 Hereson Road, Ramsgate CT11 7EX, at 7.30pm.

Please do not hesitate to raise a question via our contact page.