Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting,chaired by Doug Weale,was held on Thursday 11th May at the Ryl.

Temple Yacht Club: the proceedings, as with every occasion,began with a warm up; all present invited to comment on a matter of interest, affording the opportunity to find their speaking voice.

The focal purpose of the meeting was then addressed by the Club President, Trevor Kenning -the appointment of a new committee.Reports on the progress throughout the past year were read by existing officers; the prevailing picture was one of continued success improving recently by new members in our pursuit of the ideal of the Association of Speakers Clubs to practise and improve the enjoyable art of speaking in public.In order to maintain this steady and happy situation, our President, who also holds the Office of Education Director,agreed to continue in Office. Steve Pamphilon,accepting the Office of President Elect: the one new change was the election of Chris Stark in the important role of Webmaster -publicity in our quest for visitors and potential new members being a constant vital factor.

The meeting continued with the customary impromptu speaking session, under the supervision of Chris Stark:an enjoyable and challenging aspect of every agenda, prompting quick thinking responses from all present.

Evaluation of the session was given by John Beale; a process by which we learn , as fellow members offer opinion on the good points of speech and matters which could be improved upon:as me always does, he adds asides of interest to his speeches and evaluations.

Steve Pamphilon as a finale to the agenda, appraised the evening as a whole with the insight and perception of experience ,declaring a successful and as always an enjoyable meeting.

The Club welcomes visitors to all meetings.

Report of the meeting held on Thursday 23 February 2017, by Doug Weale

A hugely successful meeting,Chaired by Bernie Morgan , was held on 23rd February at our usual venue the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Skilful chairmanship ensured that in spite of absentees, all assignments were allocated, and the audience were entertained by speakers to a high standard.

Dr .John Beale, in customary style as a raconteur, followed by Doug Weale in somber mood,demonstrated the wide variety of subject which contributes to the entertainment of meetings. Both speakers illustrated the skills practised by all club members in pursuit of the aims of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.

Evaluation is the vital ingredient of the learning curve; Garry Costain and Ben Harris in turn offering both compliment and advice for improvement to the speakers. It is by this process that all members receive a consensus of opinion and so progress by adapting the guidance of the more experienced members.

The second half of the meeting is occupied by a session of impromptu speaking. chaired this week by up and coming young member Chris Stark, who with commendable skill learned to date, guided us through a most enjoyable regular feature of the meeting. The award for best response to a “topic” without prior knowledge or preparation, was presented by popular vote to Bernie Morgan.

Evaluation then followed by Club President Trevor Kenning, who drew attention to the vital educative factor affording progress to all in attendance, of our constant endeavour, to improve and, as always, a most enjoyable evening.

We meet on the second and fourth Thursday monthly at 8pm. Visitors are always most welcome. For further details please contact


Report of the meeting held on Thursday 12 January 2017, by Doug Weale

Chaired by Vice President Garry Costain, the Club held the annual speech competition onThursday 12th January. The small attendance and entry reflected the bad weather but those who were present enjoyed listening to a variety of subjects and enthusiastic speaking-as always in competition events.

Ben Harris in a fine speech reflecting on his view of the past year in the eyes of our youngest member, and Doug Weale with a profound view of the ” killing fields ” will represent the Club in the next round in February when the competition involves our entries in evaluation and impromptu speaking, together with representatives from the other clubs in Kent.

As a  regular feature, a session of impromptu speaking follows in the second half of the agenda, hosted on this occasion by club President Trevor Kenning. The “topics” offered for response by all present, were of a subject, whilst within their capability, nevertheless were also designed to challenge speakers. The session proves to give immense satisfaction and is most enjoyable.

All aspects of the agenda are evaluated, with exception to competition participants. Bernie Morgan gave the “topics” evaluation of all taking part, in particular the chairman, whose skilfulness she drew attention to.  She also paid deserved compliment to our visitor. Having evaluated with commendable efficiency, she was then awarded by popular vote to have given the best response.

Chris Stark, whose improvement gathers momentum, gave an authoritative general evaluation, drawing attention to the educational value and enjoyment of the meeting.

We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month; 8pm at the Royal Temple Yacht Club;  visitors are welcome to all meetings: please contact for further details :

Report of the meeting held on 8 December 2016, by Doug Weale

A vital agenda once each year, gives members the opportunity for debate: the meeting on December 8th, Chaired by John Beale, was based on a 19th century custom of the city of London coffee houses: debate began from newspaper items read out by readers to fellow customers. Emulating this format, in the traditional role of “The Opener” Bernie Morgan, with a speech superbly constructed from recent ongoing press items of special interest, offered a wide choice of subject.

The debate was immediately under way: The Turner Prize having just been awarded to an artist of repute, among five contenders of whom had submitted their work of such variety as to be controversial, and certainly inviting  debate. Other subjects ranging from the American election to local matters.

In his evaluation Steve  Pamphilon  complimented members on putting into good use, the qualities specified in our Manual as we practise the art defined by the Association to which we belong: speaking with purpose was prominent .

As always impromptu speaking occupied the second half. Ben Harris offered well known quotations relating to the sporting world, responded to by members in turn; always challenging, always providing an enjoyable exercise in quick thinking.

In the customary general summary of the meeting, Doug Weale drew attention to the educational value of debate, offering opportunity to voice opinion and speak with purpose on a specific subject; the meeting had been both successful and enjoyable.

The new year begins with meetings on January 12th and 26th and on the second and fourth Thursdays onwards; in a drive to increase membership, visitors are welcome to all meetings to sit and listen without obligation. Visit



Report of the meeting held on 24 November 2016, by Doug Weale

The annual series of competitions began at the meeting on November 24th, chaired by Doug Weale at The Royal Temple Yacht Club: members were assigned, firstly to evaluate what is known as the Target Speech, given this year by Vice President Garry Costain.

Evaluation is at the very heart of the learning process afforded by The Association Of Speakers Clubs of which we are an affiliate; the contestants faced a profound and entertaining speech, of his customary high standard, which challenged their ability to discern the finer points of public speaking together with factors which were considered could be improved upon by the speaker.

Following an interval, the second competition hosted by Club President, Trevor Kenning, was a further ingredient to our agendas throughout the year, Impromptu Speaking: topical features of everyday life were offered in turn to competitors on which to comment in a brief speech with a time limit of three minutes.

This attribute of speaking, as does evaluation , features on our twice monthly meeting agendas, contributing to the progress of the essence of the Association to practise and improve the art of speaking in public. As a result of these two competitions, all those who entered will be considered for entry in the Kent Area round of competitions, early next year; together with those who will be added to our representatives once the third, and final, speech competition has been held in January.

The evaluation and topics-the impromptu speech- trophies were awarded by the Club President, to Bernie Morgan and John Beale respectively at the conclusion of the meeting, a meeting which in the usual general appraisal, given on this occasion by Ben Harris, was afforded his compliments to all taking part in a hugely successful agenda.

The Club meets each month on the second and fourth Thursday evening at 7.45 for 8 pm start; visitors are welcome without giving notice, to attend any of our meetings: see website:


Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 27 October 2016 by Deborah Percy

The chair, Bernie Morgan welcomed members and visitors from the two other Kent clubs. In a warm-up session, everyone remembered a special gift we wanted as a young child.

The audience were treated to two prepared speeches. The first, Lost in Time by Steve Pamphilon, challenged us to think about what it would mean to live forever. He demonstrated excellent audience rapport with his use of rhetorical questions and eye contact as well as pauses and the structure of the speech. As the evening’s general evaluator explained, rapport means thinking about the audience and not just the subject of the speech.

The second speech was made by Julian Watts of Chaucer Speakers club. It was an entertaining speech recommending chickens as pets. Julian was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject he could have sold them the to the audience if he’d have bought some along. Along with facts such as there are about 60 billion chickens in the world, and when kept as pets they lay about 300 eggs per year; we were amazed to hear that chickens have personalities.

For the second half of the evening, people were invited to speak for 2 or 3 minutes on a variety of subjects including Bake Off, the Ballet, and Libraries. Some members demonstrated the art of speaking about something different entirely. For example, given the subject test match cricket, John Beale told us why he’d prefer to watch Rugby.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. For more information find us on social media or contact Deb Percy on 01843 607192.



Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 8th Sept 2016 by Deborah Percy

The chair, Garry Costain, set a friendly tone for the evening, welcoming members and the guest. Our first activity of the evening was a warm-up session in which we considered seeing life through someone else’s eyes for a few minutes. Not surprisingly, members wanted fabulous experiences such as winning the lottery or twisting in somersaults from a 10m diving board.

One of the newer and less experienced members, Chris Stark, gave an entertaining and personal speech: My Food Obsession. His experience of gaining and losing weight was a subject many could relate to. He spoke about how seemingly unconnected events in his life coincidentally reflected in his body shape. He has transformed his eating regime. He built great rapport with the audience ending on a high note that made us laugh, “who doesn’t want to look good naked?”

The second speaker, Doug Weale, presented a profound and sometimes chilling account of the human condition, entitled Hope. He demonstrated a skill that few of us can achieve, not just a coherent speech without notes but including many poignant quotations.

After the interval, John Beale took the chair for the impromptu speaking competition. Each person was asked to speak for two minutes on the subject of their favourite thing. Trevor Kenning won this competition with a talk about Buenos Aires in which he managed to bring in items from previous speeches to make us laugh.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. For more information find us on social media or contact Deb Percy on 01843 607192.

Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 25 August 2016 by Doug Weale

The first meeting of a new season, following a brief summer respite, under the Chairmanship of Club President, Trevor Kenning, was a huge success. With the added pleasure of a visitor, the audience “warmed up ” and after a business session, giving an interesting insight of future plans, the agenda began with a rehearsal by Mohamed Abdulla in preparation for a forthcoming address to a group of young entrepreneurs.

Mohammed offered advice on the valuable benefits to be gained from The Princes Trust organisation. Speaking with the authority of one who has achieved enormous success from the Trust, and the confidence inspired by his membership of the Club, he gave not only a speech outlining in detail his subject, but of an illustration of his own personal skill as an established architect.

He responded to questions from the audience, which reflected the interest he had aroused, and which added to the overall enjoyment of listening to him. Rather than the customary evaluation, Bernie Morgan led the feedback from the audience, giving the speaker an opportunity to prepare an enhancement of the presentation on the day.

The impromptu speaking session followed conducted, by Vice President, Garry Costain. Known as the topics session this is an opportunity for the members, and visitors, to enjoy the challenge to speak for a couple of minutes on a previously unknown subject. On this occasion, even after 17 years of membership, I was in admiration of the innovation and preparation of the tremendous pleasure afforded by an aspect of the art practised at each and every meeting. Most impressive of all was the ingenuity by which the listening audience was actively involved during the responses.

The session was evaluated by Amina Abdulla who gave due praise to Garry for his wonderful contribution to the meeting.

John Beale, in a general appraisal of the evening spoke for everyone present in his congratulations to all responsible.

The club meets on the second and fourth Thursday monthly; all visitors are made welcome without obligation; we meet at The Royal Temple Yacht Club; 7.45 for 8pm start Please see our website for further information ;

Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 26 May 2016 by Doug Weale

The meeting Of Thanet Speakers Club on May 26th, chaired by Bernie Morgan, held at our usual venue, The Royal Temple Yacht Club, was awarded a congratulatory General Evaluation by Club Vice President, Garry Costain.

Two recently enlisted members, undertook  assignments for the first time : Chris Stark,with his introductory Speech, and  Mohamed Abdulla,  Chairing the Topics Session. Speaking with a confidence notably improved since he joined us,Chris unfolded the story of his career to date in the complex Information Technology world; highlighting the opportunity which came his way whilst still a youngster; a story taking the audience on a journey from Whitstable to the Capital City,and thence to an exciting career.

Evaluation, by which other members offer constructive advice and encouragement-especially to newcomers, a system of learning from other members of experience, in this case,Ben Harris who drew attention to favourable aspects of the speech,together with points for improvement.

John Beale was the second speaker, evaluated by Trevor Kenning, recognising all aspects and qualities of a more advanced assignment, drew attention to the intellectual skill of the literary mind and well known poetic references, which enhanced the rapport with the audience.

The Topics session is a chance to practice impromptu speaking, considered a vital quality by the Association to which we  are affiliated: Mohamed chose a most challenging theme yet well within everyone’s capability: “time honoured excuses”; what a variety !, and how enjoyable!

Evaluation  is at the heart of our educational and learning process ; the evaluation of the responses to the topics and chairmanship was given by John Beale with his customary style of humour which gave additional enjoyment to all present.

The Club welcomes visitors to all meetings, held on the second and fourth Thursday each month: for details please see


Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 25th February 2016 by Deborah Percy

We began the evening with a warm up session introduced by the chairperson, Deborah Percy. She asked everyone to share something they liked that came from Europe. Most of the club members mentioned the variety of food that comes from across the channel.

Amina Abdulla delivered the first speech of the evening entitled Leading the Way. She enthusiastically shared her love of BMW cars with a very interesting potted history. She told us they still make all the parts, and parts from different cars go together, so restoring old BMWs is almost as easy as assembling Lego.

Trevor Kenning’s speech entitled Places that involve Ray in Scandals was about his personal history with crossword puzzles. In his evaluation, Doug Weale described this as a showpiece speech.

After the interval, Trevor introduced a session of Round Robin Topics for two-minute impromptu speeches. This resulted in a random match of people with titles, and each speaker had to introduce the next speaker and give them a subject. The session provided everyone with the opportunity to be chairperson for a brief part of the evening. Topics included Stay-at-home fathers, Your favourite building in Thanet and What advice would you give your younger self. Amina Abdulla won the competition for her impromptu speech on the subject money talks. She entertained us with an experience of queue jumping in Kenya.

The meetings are on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. For more information find us on social media or contact Deb Percy on 01843 607192.