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Thanet Speakers Club Report, Topics Competition (November 11th 2010)

Topics or Impromptu Speaking is one of the most exciting forms of Public Speaking and every year the Association of Speakers Clubs runs a national competition to find the best impromptu speaker in the UK.  Thanet Speakers Club organised their local heat on November 11th  2010.  President, Doug Weale hosted this meeting and got everyone into the swing of impromptu speaking by asking them to speak for a minute on a single word subject.  Everyone was up to this task which provided useful practice for the coming competition.
It was really pleasing to see that nearly everyone from the club entered the Impromptu completion which saw some fascinating and interesting speeches.  The audience voted Trevor Kenning as winner and Kathleen Smith as runner up.  Both Trevor and Kathleen will go on to represent Thanet at the county competitions.
The second half of the meeting was the standard club impromptu topics contest which was hosted by France Pointer.  She asked members of the audience to speak on the subject of philosophy.  There was a three way tie for this competition with Ian Lockyer winning the club trophy.
Strapped for time, because so much had been fitted into the session, Andrew Thomson gave a brief yet concise evaluation of Frances topics session.  Feedback and advice about the whole evening was given by the General Evaluator, Margaret Jones.
Thanet Speakers Club Meetings are held fortnightly on Thursday evenings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate at 8.00 p.m.  For further details contact Ian Lockyer (Thanet Speakers Club Publicity Officer) on 01843 592785 or 07775815500 or via email at info@easimarketing.com. Further details can be found on our website http://www.thanetspeakers.club.  Guests are very welcome to attend without any obligation.