Report of the meeting held on Thursday 12 January 2017, by Doug Weale

Chaired by Vice President Garry Costain, the Club held the annual speech competition onThursday 12th January. The small attendance and entry reflected the bad weather but those who were present enjoyed listening to a variety of subjects and enthusiastic speaking-as always in competition events.

Ben Harris in a fine speech reflecting on his view of the past year in the eyes of our youngest member, and Doug Weale with a profound view of the ” killing fields ” will represent the Club in the next round in February when the competition involves our entries in evaluation and impromptu speaking, together with representatives from the other clubs in Kent.

As a  regular feature, a session of impromptu speaking follows in the second half of the agenda, hosted on this occasion by club President Trevor Kenning. The “topics” offered for response by all present, were of a subject, whilst within their capability, nevertheless were also designed to challenge speakers. The session proves to give immense satisfaction and is most enjoyable.

All aspects of the agenda are evaluated, with exception to competition participants. Bernie Morgan gave the “topics” evaluation of all taking part, in particular the chairman, whose skilfulness she drew attention to.  She also paid deserved compliment to our visitor. Having evaluated with commendable efficiency, she was then awarded by popular vote to have given the best response.

Chris Stark, whose improvement gathers momentum, gave an authoritative general evaluation, drawing attention to the educational value and enjoyment of the meeting.

We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month; 8pm at the Royal Temple Yacht Club;  visitors are welcome to all meetings: please contact for further details :