Thanet Speakers Club Report –28th April 2011

It was a delight and honor to welcome Ambassador Speakers Club members and other guests at Thanet Speakers Club meeting on the 28th of April. The evening began with a fun impromptu debate on the topic of alternative parliamentary voting which challenged participants to persuade the for, or against vote through persuasive speech. The public speaking exercise was such a success that a draw was declared.

This was proceeded by the impromptu speech half which invites those wishing to take part to take the floor, and speak on a given topic. The impromptu theme was bird quotes chosen by Francis Pointer the topics chair. All participated including a first time visiting quest who engaged the audience with a cautionary tale of an eagle’s revenge. The topic trophy was won by Trevor Kenning.

All Thanet Speakers meetings our open to visitors.  Our next meeting is 7.45pm on 28th April at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate. Full contact details can be found on