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Thanet Speakers Club, Meeting Report, March 11th 2010

The meeting on March 11th, chaired by Ian Lockyer, typified the success being experienced by the club,resulting from our new website:two new members delivered their maiden speech;designed simply, to give an introduction,and get the feel of speaking to an audience.
Ben Harris and Lisa Emms, with widely differing backgrounds adding to the interest of the content of the speeches.  Evaluation,by Andrew Thomson and June Edwards, respectively, was given,with helpful and encouraging recommendation for the series of speeches which they will give in the course of their progress through the club`s guiding manual.  
The second half of the meeting was devoted to impromptu speaking; all present afforded the opportunity to speak on topics, at the invitation of Trevor Kenning.This aspect of our programme is a vital ability practised, which is both challenging, enjoyable and of immense satisfaction: usually -and this session no exception-providing humour in the proceedings. For the best response, judged by popular vote, the Topics Trophy was awarded to Bernie Morgan,who had, in addition to her own response, given the evaluation of the sesssion.
Club President Ron Sheldrake,appraised the meeting overall.
For all details of the club`s agendas and visiting, please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or  dougweale@dougweale.plus.com  or visit our website:  www. thanetspeakers.club