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Thanet Speakers Club Report – 22nd September 2011 (by Doug Weale)

In a well-attended meeting on the 22nd September, Chaired by Ben Harris, the Club played host to the District President, Cliff Earl: three visitors, were also made welcome, and enjoyed listening to examples of the art of public speaking. Firstly by Bernie Morgan, fresh from a coveted appearance at the Edinburgh Festival, delivered a speech in which she exemplified the use of humour-her own personal favourite attribute of the art practised at  fortnightly meetings: her fine speech was followed by an instructive demonstration by Ian Lockyer in the skilled use of a microphone, often necessary in public speaking; each was evaluated, by Ron Sheldrake and Margaret Jones, respectively, offering both complimentary and constructive comment, which would be absorbed and put to effect in future progress through the Manual; the instructive handbook by which each member is guided in a programmed course of set speeches.

As in every meeting the second half was devoted to the all-important impromptu speaking: a challenging enjoyable and most rewarding aspect of the agenda. This session was chaired by Doug Weale who offered subject matter in turn to all present, on which to speak without prior knowledge, for two minutes.  After evaluation by our Education Director, Frances Pointer,  the Trophy, awarded at each meeting, was deemed to be well-deserved by Ben Harris for the finest of the responses. 

In his summing up, the District President gave an approving evaluation of the meeting which he deemed to have been conducted in the manner befitting the aims of the Association of Speakers Clubs.

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly.

For further details contact Doug Weale 01843 592221; dougweale@dougweale.plus.com or the website http://www.thanetspeakers.club