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Thanet Speakers Club Report, May 13th 2010

A superb meeting on May 13th,chaired by Andrew Thomson, illustrated the very best of the objectives pursued in the development of speaking in public: comprising of a wide range of subject matter, ranging from the mains water supply, in economically stressed Greece, to the beauty of a village church in England, via the  French revolution.
The  fascinating content of the prepared speeches by Lisa Emms and Bernie Morgan, in turn, not only demonstrated their respective progress set by the club`s guide book, but provided entertainment for an audience of fellow members and visitors. Advancement is monitored by more experienced speakers by virtue of evaluation – constructive appraisal with appropriate advice for improvement: offerrred, in this instance-by Ian Lockyer and June Edwards respectively.  Bernie Morgan has now qualified for her intermediate certificate of achievement.
The second half of the meeting continued with the same high standard, but on subject matter-topics-for which no time is given for preparation: impromptu speaking. Doug Weale set a challenging theme, to deliver an opposing opinion of established and well founded proverbs, which had stood the test of time.  The speaking with authority, required in such a session, is  vital to our objective, offering an opportunity to all present, including usual visitors: two of whom, Rohan Banerjee and Marco Gerghty,f rom Chatham House G.S., gave an impressive response to their topic. For the best response of all, judged by popular vote, the trophy was awarded to Trevor Kenning, who as a founder member of the club, took great delight in it`s presentation to him by Rohan,the previous winner. The ceremony highlighting the concomitance of  novice and master in admiration of what the club has to offer. 
The meeting as a whole was,in the evaluation given by Bernie Morgan, of the high standard to which the club regularly aspires. 
For details of visiting and membership please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or dougweale@dougweale.plus.com or visit www.thanetspeakers.org.org.uk