Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 26 May 2016 by Doug Weale

The meeting Of Thanet Speakers Club on May 26th, chaired by Bernie Morgan, held at our usual venue, The Royal Temple Yacht Club, was awarded a congratulatory General Evaluation by Club Vice President, Garry Costain.

Two recently enlisted members, undertook  assignments for the first time : Chris Stark,with his introductory Speech, and  Mohamed Abdulla,  Chairing the Topics Session. Speaking with a confidence notably improved since he joined us,Chris unfolded the story of his career to date in the complex Information Technology world; highlighting the opportunity which came his way whilst still a youngster; a story taking the audience on a journey from Whitstable to the Capital City,and thence to an exciting career.

Evaluation, by which other members offer constructive advice and encouragement-especially to newcomers, a system of learning from other members of experience, in this case,Ben Harris who drew attention to favourable aspects of the speech,together with points for improvement.

John Beale was the second speaker, evaluated by Trevor Kenning, recognising all aspects and qualities of a more advanced assignment, drew attention to the intellectual skill of the literary mind and well known poetic references, which enhanced the rapport with the audience.

The Topics session is a chance to practice impromptu speaking, considered a vital quality by the Association to which we  are affiliated: Mohamed chose a most challenging theme yet well within everyone’s capability: “time honoured excuses”; what a variety !, and how enjoyable!

Evaluation  is at the heart of our educational and learning process ; the evaluation of the responses to the topics and chairmanship was given by John Beale with his customary style of humour which gave additional enjoyment to all present.

The Club welcomes visitors to all meetings, held on the second and fourth Thursday each month: for details please see