Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 25 August 2016 by Doug Weale

The first meeting of a new season, following a brief summer respite, under the Chairmanship of Club President, Trevor Kenning, was a huge success. With the added pleasure of a visitor, the audience “warmed up ” and after a business session, giving an interesting insight of future plans, the agenda began with a rehearsal by Mohamed Abdulla in preparation for a forthcoming address to a group of young entrepreneurs.

Mohammed offered advice on the valuable benefits to be gained from The Princes Trust organisation. Speaking with the authority of one who has achieved enormous success from the Trust, and the confidence inspired by his membership of the Club, he gave not only a speech outlining in detail his subject, but of an illustration of his own personal skill as an established architect.

He responded to questions from the audience, which reflected the interest he had aroused, and which added to the overall enjoyment of listening to him. Rather than the customary evaluation, Bernie Morgan led the feedback from the audience, giving the speaker an opportunity to prepare an enhancement of the presentation on the day.

The impromptu speaking session followed conducted, by Vice President, Garry Costain. Known as the topics session this is an opportunity for the members, and visitors, to enjoy the challenge to speak for a couple of minutes on a previously unknown subject. On this occasion, even after 17 years of membership, I was in admiration of the innovation and preparation of the tremendous pleasure afforded by an aspect of the art practised at each and every meeting. Most impressive of all was the ingenuity by which the listening audience was actively involved during the responses.

The session was evaluated by Amina Abdulla who gave due praise to Garry for his wonderful contribution to the meeting.

John Beale, in a general appraisal of the evening spoke for everyone present in his congratulations to all responsible.

The club meets on the second and fourth Thursday monthly; all visitors are made welcome without obligation; we meet at The Royal Temple Yacht Club; 7.45 for 8pm start Please see our website for further information ;