Report of the meeting held on 24 November 2016, by Doug Weale

The annual series of competitions began at the meeting on November 24th, chaired by Doug Weale at The Royal Temple Yacht Club: members were assigned, firstly to evaluate what is known as the Target Speech, given this year by Vice President Garry Costain.

Evaluation is at the very heart of the learning process afforded by The Association Of Speakers Clubs of which we are an affiliate; the contestants faced a profound and entertaining speech, of his customary high standard, which challenged their ability to discern the finer points of public speaking together with factors which were considered could be improved upon by the speaker.

Following an interval, the second competition hosted by Club President, Trevor Kenning, was a further ingredient to our agendas throughout the year, Impromptu Speaking: topical features of everyday life were offered in turn to competitors on which to comment in a brief speech with a time limit of three minutes.

This attribute of speaking, as does evaluation , features on our twice monthly meeting agendas, contributing to the progress of the essence of the Association to practise and improve the art of speaking in public. As a result of these two competitions, all those who entered will be considered for entry in the Kent Area round of competitions, early next year; together with those who will be added to our representatives once the third, and final, speech competition has been held in January.

The evaluation and topics-the impromptu speech- trophies were awarded by the Club President, to Bernie Morgan and John Beale respectively at the conclusion of the meeting, a meeting which in the usual general appraisal, given on this occasion by Ben Harris, was afforded his compliments to all taking part in a hugely successful agenda.

The Club meets each month on the second and fourth Thursday evening at 7.45 for 8 pm start; visitors are welcome without giving notice, to attend any of our meetings: see website: