Thanet Speakers Club Report – Annual Speaking Competitions (8th November 2012)

Competitive speaking is an opportunity to be judged by fellow members on the qualities demonstrated in speech,as determined by the Association of Speakers Clubs,which we practise at our regular meetings.  The Evaluation Competition supervised by Ron Sheldrake began by Education Director, Frances Pointer delivering an intriguing “target “speech on the virtues of butter.  Evaluative competitors in turn, gave an appraisals which drew attention to praiseworthy aspects,together with, what, in their personal opinion,were points for improvement; the essence of our learning curve, by which we improve.

Then followed the Topics Competition; impromptu speaking; a vital contribution to the speaker`s armoury;  Doug Weale inviting  an unprepared  response by contestants in turn, to the Topic, “An Ideal World”: drawing as expected- widely differing  opinion. Trevor Kenning, Ben Harris and Gary Costain with infinite good judgement proved equal to the challenge of deciding who should represent the club in the next round at the Kent Area AGM on Sunday February 10th.

Concluding the competitions and the meeting ; presentation of both Trophies was made to Club President ,Bernie Morgan,an inspirational speaker ,in this her Presidential year.  Runners -up Margaret Jones and Kathleen Smith, respectively,and Ben Harris,will make up the Thanet Speakers Club team at the Kent Area round.

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