Thanet Speakers Club Report: After Dinner Speaking Evening

Our After-Dinner Speech evening, in which we practise that most enjoyable aspect of public speaking , coincided with the eve of Burns Night and our Education Director, Frances Pointer organised a theme of Toasts based on the work of the Scottish genius; setting a fine example, following The Selkirk Grace, by Garry Costain, she proposed a”Toast To The Haggis ” with  a vivacious realism,  aided by her home- made Haggis and accompanying beverage.  Andrew Thomson, of Scottish lineage, followed with a humorous salutation to The Mouse, in commendable native dialect.

Further Toasts were delivered; notably to the traditional “Immortal Memory” at the conclusion of the Supper.  Most entertaining and exemplifying the essence of after-dinner speaking, practiced throughout the evening,were Toasts to “Ae Fond Kiss” by Kathleen Smith. “To The Lassies”by Trevor Kenning , responded to by Club President Bernie Morgan:  these members exemplifying the qualities of the art of  after-dinner speaking which, are among all other vital attributes of speech, which we practise to improve,as the Association to which we belong promotes.

In his Vote of Thanks, Garry Costain complimented Frances Pointer on her enthusiastic performance,which.set the successful and enjoyable tone for the evening. The club is at present earnestly seeking to enrol new members;  to this end, visitors are welcome,without any obligation, to sit and listen to what we have to offer: for details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit http//