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Club Report – 28 March by Doug Weale

Chaired by Andrew Thomson, our meeting on Thursday 28th March heralded particular success for two new members.  Paul Hogwood was awarded a laudable evaluation and “pass mark ” by Ben Harris for his Maiden Speech to the club.  This was followed by presentation of the coveted Trophy for Impromptu Speaking to Dr. John Beale.  The club has tremendous satisfaction in such early successes by newcomers joining us in pursuit of the practice and improvement of the art of speaking in public.

The thoroughly enjoyable agenda also included a fine speech by Margaret Jones, which recalled a moving childhood experience with a profound moral message.  Evaluation [a process of learning established by the Association of Speakers Clubs] was then given by Trevor Kenning.  This drew attention to the many qualities  demonstrated in the speech and offered a point which might have added even more strength to its force.

Education Director Frances Pointer earned well-deserved praise for her chairmanship of the impromptu speaking Topics Session, besides capability in Office.  Lastly, Kathleen Smith gave a an overall appraisal of the meeting in her General Evaluation.  Attention was drawn to the successful educational value and enjoyment shared by all present.

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Club Report – Open Eve 14 March by Doug Weale

A hugely successful Open Evening on Thursday 14th March was chaired by Trevor Kenning, who began it with a warm welcome to our visitors.  Having conducted an introduction of members, he proceeded to outline the purpose of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, and whose guidelines in public speaking we follow.

An agenda prepared by Frances Pointer demonstrated the course of the Manual which takes each member through the wide variety of aspects of the art of good speaking.  Ron Sheldrake began with a fine example from the basic programme, followed in like vein by Doug Weale from the Advanced section.  Each demonstrated the finer aspects of speech delivery through personal composition.

Evaluation was given in turn by Andrew Thomson then Frances Pointer.  This proves to be of essence to our learning, being the means we hear from our fellow members.  It points deserving compliments with aspects for improvement.  Together, the four presentations conveyed a clear picture of regular meeting procedure.

Chairmanship for the second half was taken by Ben Harris for our regular impromptu speaking practice.  It was especially pleasing that all our visitors agreed to join in and accept an invitation to speak, without any preparation, as decreed.  Furthermore, they acquitted themselves of this task with distinction.  In her evaluation, Margaret Jones drew attention to the success of the session, particularly with its chairing by our youngest member.

Club President Bernie Morgan concluded with an enthusiastic overall evaluation in which our visitors were invited to revisit and attend the annual club dinner.

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Thanet Speakers Club Meeting 14th February, 2013

Ben Harris chaired the meeting on February 14th, inviting members to read their choice of poetry and prose.  A departure from the customary speeches, composed and delivered by each member in turn.  This annual variation in the agenda is an object lesson in the use of voice to interpret an author’s purpose of meaning.  A wide variety of works, ranging from Ian Flemming to Cardinal Corderio, and from Fleur Adcock to a poem written by the speaker, proved educational, instructive and entertaining.

The impromptu speaking session, a regular feature, followed.  This was chaired by club President, Bernie Morgan with a  Valentine Day theme, drew some surprising responses,as it usually does.  Kathleen Smith was awarded the trophy by popular vote, declared to have given  the best response.  Margaret Jones gave a most discerning evaluation of the session: drawing attention to the attributes of each participant, together with points for improvement.  Evaluation, the appraisal by fellow members is the essence of our learning.

Business matters, given by the President, drew attention to the commendable contribution of the club to the Area competitions; modestly omitting mention of her own success; in particular receiving the award of The President’s Cup, on behalf of Thanet S.C. from the Area President.  Following his general evaluation of the meeting, Doug Weale drew attention to the drive to attract visitors to our meetings, who might be converted to membership.  An Open Evening is planned for March 14th; a typical agenda is to be arranged; visitors will be welcome to listen and observe, without obligation.

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Thanet Speakers Club Report: After Dinner Speaking Evening

Our After-Dinner Speech evening, in which we practise that most enjoyable aspect of public speaking , coincided with the eve of Burns Night and our Education Director, Frances Pointer organised a theme of Toasts based on the work of the Scottish genius; setting a fine example, following The Selkirk Grace, by Garry Costain, she proposed a”Toast To The Haggis ” with  a vivacious realism,  aided by her home- made Haggis and accompanying beverage.  Andrew Thomson, of Scottish lineage, followed with a humorous salutation to The Mouse, in commendable native dialect.

Further Toasts were delivered; notably to the traditional “Immortal Memory” at the conclusion of the Supper.  Most entertaining and exemplifying the essence of after-dinner speaking, practiced throughout the evening,were Toasts to “Ae Fond Kiss” by Kathleen Smith. “To The Lassies”by Trevor Kenning , responded to by Club President Bernie Morgan:  these members exemplifying the qualities of the art of  after-dinner speaking which, are among all other vital attributes of speech, which we practise to improve,as the Association to which we belong promotes.

In his Vote of Thanks, Garry Costain complimented Frances Pointer on her enthusiastic performance,which.set the successful and enjoyable tone for the evening. The club is at present earnestly seeking to enrol new members;  to this end, visitors are welcome,without any obligation, to sit and listen to what we have to offer: for details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit http//

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 10th January 2013

The annual speech contest on Thursday January 10th, chaired by Andrew Thomson, offered to  the audience of fellow members and visitors the customary mix of entertaining entries; delivered with the skill of public speaking learned under the guidance of the manual of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.  Bernie Morgan and Margaret Jones earning the accolade of first and second place, they will represent the club in the next round of the competition, at the Kent Area meeting in February.

Education Director, Frances Pointer together with Kathleen Smith drew attention to the challenge to their judgement skills of the overall high standard of contestants,with praise for runners-up, Ben Harris and Garry Costain, each delivering a speech of technical merit. Competitive speaking is a challenging and popular aspect of club membership,and culminates in a National Finals in April.

The customary impromptu speaking session, which is a vital item on the agenda followed; chaired by Ron Sheldrake.  We were delighted that visitors, always welcome to our meetings, agreed to take part,each giving an impromptu response to a topic of local interest.  By popular vote, it was decreed that the best of all responses was that by Trevor Kenning, who received the club trophy for the event, which he will return at the next meeting.  He then gave his evaluation of the session, offering an appraisal, with advice for improvement where needed, and complimenting the chairman on his successful role. The club will host an Open Evening on March 14th to which visitors will be made espescially welcome:For full details of visiting any of our meetings,  please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221or   d.weale2012@btinternet .com  or visit

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 13th December 2012

Chaired by Doug Weale,  the meeting on December 13th was  engaged in debate; a vital aspect of speaking which is among the wide range encouraged by the Association of Speakers Clubs to which the club is affiliated.  There was a remarkably forceful response to the motion ”  The Freedom of The Press is Paramount in Our Society”.  Ron Sheldrake seconded by Kathleen Smith, offering a powerful argument for the motion.  Gary Costain, gaining confidence at each meeting, supported by Bernie Morgan,in opposition, then proceeded  with conviction,  in opposition. Each side had provided the basis for an earnest debate from the floor,all members present voicing with personal enthusiasm,their point of view.  The result overturned the vote in favour, taken before commencement.

The customary impromptu speaking session which always occupies the second half of the agenda, was conducted by Margaret Jones; the theme inevitably, festive, proved highly enjoyable, as it invariably does; Frances Pointer being awarded the trophy for best response, given-as required, in two minutes, without prior knowledge to a topical subject.

The overall evaluation of proceedings drew attention to the powerful, expressive speaking,contributing to a most entertaining evening.  The club meets again on January 10th, then on the second and fourth Thursdays,8pm at The Royal Temple Yacht Club;for all details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or  or visit http//


Thanet Speakers Club Report – 22nd November 2012

Ben Harris chaired a most enjoyable meeting on Thursday 22nd November at The Royal Temple Yacht Club.

Kathleen Smith addressing the eighth of the ten assignments of basic aspects of speaking in public, which all members  seek to achieve,  succeeding in her objective, on this occasion ,in one of the most vital qualities;humour.

There followed a further demonstration of skillful speaking,by Trevor Kenning; assigned the task by our Education Director of composing an impromptu speech- from a choice of three subjects-without any prior knowledge, in the space of just ten minutes ,in compliance with the qualities required by the Advanced Manual issued by The Association of Speakers Clubs. He chose, and succeeded, in addressing a most profound philosophical ideal; true to his own personal tenor, offering a laudable challenge to the author and proceeding with his own -typically pertinent and witty interpretation.

In the subsequent impromptu speaking session, ,Gary Costain, a new member, with remarkable adaptation to our aims, was awarded the Topics Trophy; by popular vote, for the best response to a “topic”; offered by Andrew Thomson,Chairing the event; given no prior indication of the subject he told a most amusing story.

All contributions to this most successful and entertaining meeting were appraised in an evaluation by Frances Pointer drawing attention to both skillful examples of speaking together with aspects for improvement;the essence of our learning curve.

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings; for details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit http//

Thanet Speakers Club Report – Annual Speaking Competitions (8th November 2012)

Competitive speaking is an opportunity to be judged by fellow members on the qualities demonstrated in speech,as determined by the Association of Speakers Clubs,which we practise at our regular meetings.  The Evaluation Competition supervised by Ron Sheldrake began by Education Director, Frances Pointer delivering an intriguing “target “speech on the virtues of butter.  Evaluative competitors in turn, gave an appraisals which drew attention to praiseworthy aspects,together with, what, in their personal opinion,were points for improvement; the essence of our learning curve, by which we improve.

Then followed the Topics Competition; impromptu speaking; a vital contribution to the speaker`s armoury;  Doug Weale inviting  an unprepared  response by contestants in turn, to the Topic, “An Ideal World”: drawing as expected- widely differing  opinion. Trevor Kenning, Ben Harris and Gary Costain with infinite good judgement proved equal to the challenge of deciding who should represent the club in the next round at the Kent Area AGM on Sunday February 10th.

Concluding the competitions and the meeting ; presentation of both Trophies was made to Club President ,Bernie Morgan,an inspirational speaker ,in this her Presidential year.  Runners -up Margaret Jones and Kathleen Smith, respectively,and Ben Harris,will make up the Thanet Speakers Club team at the Kent Area round.

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Thanet Speakers Club Report – 25th October 2012 (by Doug Weale)

A hugely successful joint meeting of all three clubs in Kent,chaired by Trevor Kenning,was held at The Royal Temple Yacht Club on Thursday October 25th.  Prepared speeches were given in keeping with the standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs, firstly by our own Ben Harris  demonstrating the use of notes, with the intriguing title ” If It Isn’t Broke Don`t Fix It “,  followed by “Food Glorious Food “from  a guest from Chaucer S.C. illustrating  words and pictures in speech.

Evaluation of each was given ,in order, by Julie Pratt and Terry Nunn offering both compliments on delivery and recommendations for continued improvement; our source of learning.

The customary impromptu speaking session was chaired by Fred Lamont, offering a challenge to all present in turn to speak without preparation on a subject, which he had selected for each participant.  Impromptu speaking is vital  in the armoury of both social and public speaking, and an essential item on all our agendas: individual evaluation of the responses was given by Kathleen Smith, evaluated in an entertaining manner, yet perceptive of the essence of proper instructive guidance.

William Warren of Chaucer S.C. gave a general appraisal of the evening, complimenting all responsible for the success of the event, which brings the Kent Area clubs together in turn at each club venue in turn.

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Thanet Speakers Club Report – 11th October 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Margaret Jones chaired the meeting on Thursday Oct 11th; a familiar agenda; speeches composed and delivered by members; Kathleen Smith on the intriguing qualities of a lemon, followed by John Poole evoking rapport from the audience on his subject of teaching children.

Each speech typical of the variety which we hear at every meeting. Evaluation by fellow members, draws attention to recognised aspects of the art of speaking, encouraged by the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, and, in the absence of professional teachers, offering points for improvement; our learning process.

Impromptu speaking is a vital quality of the speaker`s armoury and merits a place on every agenda.  Ben Harris, on this occasion invited responses from all present, to speak on topical matters without prior knowledge or opportunity to prepare thoughts on the subject matter. The session proved to be challenging, as it is meant to be, and enjoyable, as it always is.

Club President, Bernie Morgan offered an evaluation with her remarkable ability, to highlight both commendable and weaker aspects for improvement, which were displayed. As at every meeting, by popular vote, a trophy is awarded for the best response; a delighted Kathleen Smith, this week`s winner. A general appraisal of the meeting given by Doug Weale drew attention to the skilful chairmanship by Margaret Jones, and the valuable evaluation give throughout to members.

The club has launched a campaign to attract new members; the first step being an invitation  to pay us a visit; a welcome is extended to everyone; for details contact Doug Weale  01843  592221 or or website; http//